School Uniform Bank

Westport Family & Community Resource Centre supporting families and helping the environment

Westport Family & Community Resource Centre will be hosting a School Uniform Bank from Tuesday July 11th to Thursday July 13th 2023. The school uniform bank is a practical and environmentally friendly way to assist families in the local area with back-to-school costs, who want to help reduce waste and be more environmentally conscious.

The School Uniform Bank ran for the first time in 2022 and the demand far exceeded expectation with 167 people availing of the project. The FRC also delivers a Foodcloud Project weekly which again supports families with the cost of living and prevents large volumes of food going to waste. The Centre has also hosted successful Halloween Costume drives in the last number of years and these projects are all part of the circular economy concept which the Centre hopes to develop and build on as part of their next strategic plan 2024-26. This is a more sustainable approach and the FRC hopes to continue to promote and encourage people to reduce, repair, reuse and recycle. It is more cost effective, helping families with their expenses and it is much kinder to the environment.

According to research carried out by Barnardos for 2022, the average cost for a fourth class pupil was €424; a first year pupil €814 and a fifth year pupil €712. These costs are putting a great deal of pressure on families. It is important that the state, statutory bodies, and organisations and services like ours look at ways to address this, and to work with families to ensure that this is not a strain and cause for worry but something positive and manageable for a family.

Project Administrator, Linda Mc Nulty is leading out on the project and she is glad that the Centre is delivering this initiative again in 2023. “Last year was a learning for us and we have tweaked the format this time around. We expect demand to be high and the bank is open for collections for three days only, so we advise people to ensure they call in during the collection period to avoid any disappointment. Crested jumpers in particular were in high demand last year, as they are quite expensive and also pants and skirts. We anticipate this year to be similar.”

Donations are currently open, and the Centre will be taking them right up to July 13th when the School Uniform Bank will close. Donations for all primary and secondary school uniforms in the Westport and surrounding are welcomed. The Centre is located on The Fairgreen, between The Mayo News and Toby’s Bar. All left over uniforms will be donated to the Curiosity Shop.

Please contact Linda on 098 24419 / for more information.