A Community Conversation: Understanding Poverty

Westport Family & Community Resource Centre recently hosted a Community Conversation- ‘Understanding Poverty’ with local community members, volunteers, local support groups, services and organisations. This was a space for people to come together looking at the issue of poverty in a local context, the reality for people experiencing it, what the role of community is, the role of services, what is helpful, what isn’t, as well as barriers, stigma and misconceptions. The engagement and openness from everyone who participated in the workshop was extremely encouraging and motivating. We look forward to a Community Art piece depicting the conversation being created by local Artist, Mags Duffy to be unveiled in early 2023. Thank you to our Facilitator Anna livia Cullivan for guiding our session and all of the participants for their contributions. This workshop was supported by The Department of Employment Affairs & Social Protection as part of UN Day for the Eradication of Poverty.