Mental Health in Schools

We deliver the Mind Out Mental Health Programme in local secondary schools to educate and raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing among young people. The programme provides them with tools for positive mental health, as well as building coping skills and resilience.

More about the MindOut Programme

Social and emotional wellbeing has been shown to contribute to young people’s academic outcomes, their social development, their capacity to contribute to the community, and their ability to secure employment in adulthood. Social and emotional wellbeing is a protective factor against a range of health problems. There is an extensive amount of international evidence demonstrating that social and emotional wellbeing programmes can produce long-term benefits to the health and wellbeing of young people and provide the skills base for the prevention of a wider range of problem behaviours such as substance misuse, emotional distress, disruptive behaviour and risky health and sexual behaviours.

The programme focuses on the development of 5 core competencies for social and emotional learning: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship management and responsible decision-making.