Quay Summer Programme 2022

This year’s summer programme took place over 3 weeks from July 11th to 29th. 47 children and young people took part in the programme aged from 8 to 15 years.

Children and young people were in 3 different age groups, and each group took part in a week long programme of activities which included Group games, Art activities, Horse Riding, Mini Olympics, Westport House, Den Building, Surfing, Footgolf, BBQ, and a trip to Clare Island.

In total all 47 participants occupied 220 person places over the course of the programme.

The Quay Summer Programme has now completed its 14th annual programme, and because of it’s flexibility was able to operate during Covid restrictions without a break. For the past few years it has operated without a base, and now all it’s activities are run in outdoor settings. This year, we were extremely fortunate with good weather, and this certainly enhanced the quality of the programme.

We have a small team of dedicated volunteer youth leaders. This group of people dedicate their time and energy to the project because of their desire to build community participation. The programme always has a deep sense of community involvement with parents always willing to help out with transport to and from venues, and bringing along snacks and drinks for the young people. Agnes’ hot chocolate at Carrowniskey was such a treat for everyone.

When asked what they felt their children get from taking part in the programme, parents comments included;

“My child got to make new friends, and she was so happy every day”

“I think the programme has a nice balance of something creative, something active, and team games”

“Got them outside more, and was a great boost to their confidence”

“We are really looking forward to next year”

Of course the last word should lie with the children and young people themselves. They always give us feedback on our activities, and in addition some of them said;

“I love this camp”

“Thank you all for all the help”

“Thank you very very much. This week is amazing, and I am very happy”

One day, one boy, who was participating on the programme approached one of our leaders, and simply said “thank you so much for organising all of this. I am having such a good time”.

I suppose that one comment captures everything that this Programme is about. It’s not so much about what we do, it’s more about doing it all together in community.

 John Doherty- Development Worker

August 2022